Akron & Stark State University Student Apartments & Houses For Rent
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Find & View Property

Here are the steps to find and view a Chaney Rentals property.

1. Find A Property
Find a property labeled "Available For Rent" on our site.
2. Set An Appointment
After finding a property you’re interested in, contact us right away at 330-472-6223 to set an appointment to view the property.
3. View The Property
Meet us for a walkthrough of the available property.

Leasing Process

When you’re ready to lease a Chaney property, just follow the steps below.

1. Fill Out and Sign Application (HelloSign)
Fill out and sign our application form via HelloSign. Make sure all of the information is current and complete.
2. Parental Guarantee Form
Complete our parental guarantee form. This is a requirement to rent from us.
3. Register Vehicle
Any car parked on premises is subject to tow if not registered with us.
4. Bring IDs To Signing
At lease signing, please bring your current driver’s license or state / military ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow pets?

No. No pets allowed at any time. No babysitting or visiting pets.

Do you require a Parental Guarantee?

Yes. A Parental Guarantee is mandatory.

How long are your lease terms?

One year lease term from September through August. We are able to get you into your new apartment BEFORE the school year begins in August.

Are your leases individual or multiple occupancy leases?

Our leases are multiple occupancy leases.  This means that you and your roommates are equally responsible for rent and any damage.

Do you allow subletting?


Are we responsible for lawn maintenance?

We will mow the lawn.  However, you are responsible for keeping the property free of trash and debris and in good general condition.

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